Why on earth would I go to church with you?


This week, there is a really strong chance that you got invited to church by someone. And that someone may have been me.  Well, about a year ago, a couple of friends received my invitation and now that they go to my church, they admit they were skeptical at first.  One of them even thought I got commission or "brownie points" for bringing friends.  Yeah right - I wish!!  JK! :P  The truth is that Jesus changed my life from hopeless to hopeful, depressed to joyful, traumatic to peaceful.  And church living made Christian living, and therefore living itself, SO MUCH BETTER!  I didn't have to fight life's battles alone anymore.  I had a support network.  When I was weak, they lifted me up.  When I was strong, I could lift them up.  When I was joyful, they rejoiced with me!  And frankly, if I wanted anything less for anyone, there would have to be something wrong with me. But that brownie points comment got me wondering, "What do people think when I invite them to church?"  Judging by the skepticism I see in some faces, I imagine this question is running through their heads:

Why on earth would I go to church with you?

Here are the top reasons people don't want to go to church, followed by my responses.  I know this conversation can be uncomfortable to some people when we're face-to-face, so I hope this form of chatting is a less intrusive way for me to answer questions you may have.  :)

"I just don't get the point." ME:  The point is to draw closer to God.  The point is to nourish your spirit - the part in you that keeps you up at night and makes you wonder whether there's any point to life.  The point is to find rest for your weary soul.

"I'm not into organized religion." ME:  Community is a gift.  A church community will encourage you to live the best life you can.  They will walk alongside you through your battles, and give you a place to belong.  They will challenge you to grow, and help you choose good choices that enrich your life.

"I don't know if it's worth it." ME:  Come and see what God is doing, and decide for yourself.  I've made my choice, as you know, and I've never regretted it.

"What if it's weird?"* ME:  Well, you are allowed to leave...


*But for the record, this is a real picture from our real church service, and it's not weird.  It's actually really cool! ;)

"I really want my children to worship God, but I'm not that interested." ME:  Your children will follow your example.  If it's worthwhile for them, it's worthwhile for you.  And if it's a waste of your time, it's a waste of theirs.  So come and see, and you can decide whether it's worth it.

"If I go, people will know that I did something to feel guilty about." ME:  I hate to burst your bubble, but we Christians actually already know that everyone is prone to being bad and doing bad.  That's how the world came to be what it is.  However, we believe in a Savior whose saving powers are not tarnished by any sin too dark or ugly.  So join us (also sinful humans) who are looking toward a God whose love and forgiveness are incormprehendably big.

"Churching takes too much time." ME:  Yes, and sleep takes your time Every. Single. Day.  But you do it...right? Right?!  Again, if it's worth it, it won't seem like a big sacrifice.  It'll just be worth it.

"I went to church as a kid.  I'm good." ME:  (Or as one guy responded, "I'm scraight"...haha!)  Times have changed, and church is actually fun, invigorating and hopeful.  We don't do weird "religious" things that have no meaning to us.  We just worship God by singing (to really good music btw) and learning from His Word.  Try it - if it's the worst, then at least you know.

So what's your excuse?  Follow your logic.  Does it help lead you to a peaceful life, full of assurance for your soul, full of joy in your heart?  If not, then drop that excuse, and get to church.  This Sunday is Easter (AKA Jesus' Resurrection Celebration), and what a PERFECT day to start!

See you soon!

With a special Easter love, PriskaTabitha