Who God is to me


He was before all:  time, earth, anything and everything.

He is now.

He will be after all:  time, earth, anything and everything.

His thoughts are far above my thoughts, and His ways are far above my ways. His will cannot be summarized by my thoughts and words. Yes, even his face is beyond comprehension.

And He... loves... me.

He is Lord, and there is no other. Everything in heaven and on earth are commanded to praise His name. He is perfect, holy, and just. He sees all things, knows all things, and forgives us in all things. He doesn’t hold guilt or shame against us, but covers us in a multitude of grace. He redeems, and He restores. His loving-kindness is new every morning.  Yes, after every defeated late night battle with yourself.  After each sting of falling again to the same ugly mistake, His mercies are new each morning. His goodness is rich every single day. He isn’t far removed from your struggles in today’s time and today’s place.  He knows the addictions, the “can’t believe I let it get this far”, the self-doubt and self-hate.  He feels the pain, the sorrow, the regret.  He feels your tears before they fall. He loves like nothing else on earth will ever love you. He sets Himself apart from every other person, idea, or thing because His love is solid.

And He... loves... me.

He is the giver of dreams and the fulfiller of dreams. He brings life to what appears dead, and death to what appears alive. He is not budged by present circumstances.  He designed freewill knowing some of us would never love Him back.

He draws near in deep intimacy to His children. He transforms the lives of those who obey Him.

He is love. He brings hope. He awakens faith. He gives grace.

And He... loves... us.