When God tells you to buy a chicken biscuit


This morning I woke up with my day already planned.  I had to-do's listed in my planner, and appointments carved out in my calendar app.  It wasn't a bad plan - no, it was a good'n.  But sometimes plans just don't go the way we...well, plan.

Can I get a witness?


On my way to the pool, I went to Chick-fil-A.  I planned on eating lunch at home with my hubby at 12:30PM, so I was conflicted about eating breakfast so late.  So conflicted, in fact, that I pulled in and out of a parking spot, started to drive away, and pulled into another parking spot a few spaces over.  (This all happened in front of the drive-thru line...cool...)  I recognized this weird conflicting feeling I had in my head:  Why did I need to eat so close to lunch?  I didn't.  But, I prayed about it and felt like I should go in and order a biscuit.  So I did.

Nothing dramatic happened.  I didn't run into a long-lost friend.  I didn't save a kid from getting run over.  Nope.  Just walked in, got my biscuit, and continued on to the pool.


I was at the pool for an hour or so, and planned to leave for lunch with my hubby soon.  But, my dear friend Megan texted me:

I'm on my way to the hospital to deliver the baby!

Megan wasn't scheduled to deliver until Monday, 4 days later.  I was surprised and so so so excited!!!  But then Megan texted:

Luna (her greyhound) is missing.  She bolted out of the house without her collar, and we can't find her.  I'm on my way to the hospital though.

Thankfully, I had the ability to jet over to her neighborhood and look for Luna the dog.  We looked for awhile and made a sign for someone to call us if they find a missing greyhound.  (Luna is still missing as of this moment, but I'm sure she's being taken care of by whomever found her and they'll return her soon.  But please don't get distracted by the current status of Luna.  We'll find her!

(UPDATE: Luna has been found! Praise God!!)

The point is, I missed lunch.  I have been up since 6AM, and I wasn't able to come home again until 3PM.  Luckily, I had the stamina and patience to look for Luna because I ate that biscuit earlier in the morning.  Nobody hangry here!  This may seem like a small detail, but it's no small thing to me.

I get asked ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  How do you know when God's speaking to you?  How do you know it's really Him?

In the moment, it may not be so clear.  But afterward, YOU JUST KNOW that God has been leading you.  It's so important to acknowledge when God is leading you.  Even the things that seem trivial.

Could I have "survived" without food for a few extra hours?  Sure.  In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and my Brother being flooded out of his house in Houston, me skipping a meal seems so trivial.  But, I felt the Holy Spirit moving in my spirit to go get a biscuit, so I did.  And my demeanor was positive and my energy was up to walk around in the mid-day Florida summer heat.  And that's no small matter.

God IS leading us, but we have to FOLLOW Him!

Even when we don't see the full picture.  God could have told me this morning in the Chick-fil-A parking lot:

Megan is going into labor early, and her dog is going to go missing at the same time.  You're going to skip lunch looking for the dog, so I need you to eat this biscuit real quick so you're not hangry later.  Kthx!


But if God would have explained all the deets to me, would I have believed Him?  Probably not.  I would have thought I was nuts and ignored that inkling.

All He did was stir a feeling in me that I needed to grab a biscuit.  That's all we ever get sometimes:  a feeling in our spirits, a gentle tug, a leading, a soft whisper.  And from there, we respond one of two ways:

“Nah man.”“Yes, Lord.”

As the Bible says:

Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord?  Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen than the fat of rams.

-1 Samuel 15:22

We don't have to know all the details and the big picture and the answer to "Why does it even matter if I eat the biscuit, God?"  We only have to respond with obedience to His Spirit within us.

Even in the seemingly trivial, He has a purpose.  He has a plan.  A good plan for us (Jeremiah 29).  And as silly as it sounds, He wants to prevent unnecessary hanger so I don't embarrass myself by blowing up at someone because I'm hangry.

And you know what else?  I still don't know the big picture.  I can't pretend to know all the implications of obedience.  But I know He can use small obedience far beyond what I can imagine.  I know He can speak soft whispers to me that lead me into the greenest pastures (Psalm 23).  I know He can take faith the size of a mustard seed and teach me to move mountains (Matthew 17).

It all begins with one step of obedience.  And you acknowledge that He led you to do something really good!  And then you hear His voice again, and you obey again.  Soon, you're sprinting toward Him with reckless abandonment to logic and reasoning, and you're just loving being with God, hearing His voice, and watching Him guide your life!

What bliss!

I know His voice is true, and His Word is true.  And I can be a part of bringing that truth into the reality of the struggling world we live in.  It takes listening + obeying, and it's so beyond worth it!

I want you to be encouraged by this story to listen to God's voice.  It's so AMAZING how He leads us all the time, all throughout the day, even in the small stuff.

Can I get a witness?!

With love,

P.S.  Baby Davis is going to be the most loving, compassionate, world-changing, anointed chick of her generation.