A Gift Guide to Support Woman-Owned Businesses



That’s how much we, as a country, spend on Christmas presents!


This year, I wanted to provide a Gift Guide to support Woman-Owned Businesses, AKA for you economics nerds like me: “WBE”, which means Women’s Business Enterprise.

“As of 2017, 11.6 million [American] firms are owned by women… Women-owned firms account for 39% of all privately held firms.”**

Female-owned businesses are present in the American economy, and we have an opportunity during this season of present-buying to support women!


With that in mind, I present to you… *drumroll please*

WBE Gift Guide.jpg


”clothes that a mother made”

I may be biased, but Alisha (the owner) is the best artisan I know. She has the amazing skill of dreaming up a piece of clothing which keeps you cool in the intense Florida heat AND makes you feel so stylish! Her pieces are so unique, because she only makes a handful of each.


I love how she uses her shop to highlight slow fashion and slow living. When I wear her pieces, she reminds me that “the workers are treated well” — of course, she’s cheekily referring to herself.

You can buy her pieces at www.mamaosa.co

Beauty Bungalow

I recently got the Signature Facial from Kathleen at Beauty Bungalow, and LEMME TELL YA — it was a revival for my face! Kathleen spent time explaining how to treat it and sold me a toner which I was missing from my regimen. It’s been two weeks, and my face is still glowing! Even my husband noticed! You know, the same husband who didn’t realize I had a freckle on my lower lip until we were well into our second year of marriage… That’s how good Kathleen is! This business is a WBE — the owner is Denise, and all the staff are women.

beauty bungalow.jpg

You can book an appointment with Kathleen online at www.beautybungalowspa.com

Market at Left Bank

This new local jewel could easily be my favorite store in St. Pete. It’s a beautiful mix of antiques and newer, hand-crafted items, including: furniture, accents, clothing, cutesie cocktail napkins, etc. I went inside to sneak a peak, and walked out with this antique vase which I have prominently displayed on my entryway table. (And it’s a WBE! Owned by St. Pete local Susanne.)


Check out their super-cute inventory and hours at www.marketatleftbank.com

Marissa Nicole Photography

Marissa is seriously an angel & photographer all in one! She did our couples photos earlier this year at St. Pete Beach, and I just adore every single photo. She has the important ability of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera — she even made Russ feel relaxed, which can be a challenge. LOL! She’s fun, perky, and produces beautiful work that you will simply adore!

-> Has it been awhile since your engagement photos, and you want to get a cute session with your hubby?
-> Are you starting a business, and you need great photos for your website & Instagram?
-> Hire a profesh — and one who’s fun to work with!

View Marissa’s portfolio — and immediately book a session with her — here: www.marissanicolephoto.squarespace.com

O’Berry’s Succulents

If you’re wondering if I’ve used products from every person I’m recommending…the answer is yes. However, I’ve owned two O’Berry’s succulent for over 2 years, and THEY’RE STILL ALIVE! Ahem…I mean, duh. Succulents are really hard to kill. That’s why they make a great gift. You can be sure that if you give someone a succulent, it will last them longer than most other gifts. You just drop an ice cube on top of the soil once a week…it’s that easy!


Also, it’s absolutely so sweet that O’Berry’s is run by father-daughter team Dan & Jamie O’Berry! #famgoals

They sell at Indie Flea in St. Pete and Tampa, and you can find their calendar of events here: www.oberryssucculents.com

-> Russell, if you’re reading this, the Plant Lady tee would make a great Christmas present ;) ;)

Anna Bella Designs

Again…I may be biased, but I adore everything Anna makes! If you’re someone who likes Florida-shaped gifts — paintings, ornaments, wooden signs — then you will adore her shop! You might could complete your entire Christmas gifting list on her site.

Check out Anna’s designs here: www.etsy.com/shop/AnnaBellaDesignCo

Blue Poppy Gallery

blue poppy1.jpg

I recently bought several paintings from Diana at Indie Flea: a few for me, and a few to gift. Tehe! They are darling, hand-painted and upcycled! You can order in person at one of the markets or straight from her Etsy shop: www.bluepoppygallery.com

Poetry Cowgirl

Real talk: I’m starting to research the ingredients in beauty products and the more I learn, the more creeped out I am. To resolve that, I’ve been looking for alternatives to the products I use, and frankly, don’t want to live without. Enter: Poetry Cowgirl. I was previously using a cuticle oil from the largest nail polish company in America (who shall remain unnamed). But I read the ingredients and couldn’t figure out why or how they’re sneaking all these chemicals into something called “oil”. I use cuticle oil on both myself and my husband, and I’m so glad we now know what’s in our Poetry Cowgirl oil: oil and Vitamin E. I can live with that.

You can purchase Poetry Cowgirl nail products on their website here: www.poetrycowgirlnailpolish.com

Urban Canning Co.

No local gift guide would be complete without Urban Canning Company. I gifted several presents from them to family members last year, because hand-crafted holiday jams and spreads are the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t really need anything in particular. Buy some seasonal jams or a giftbox trio of jams at the next local market, at their 4th St store, or on their website here: www.theurbancanningcompany.com



Not only is Beautycounter a WBE (owned by Gregg Renfrew), but my Boss Babe friend Melissa Scroggin sells the products. IDK if you like or dislike multi-level marketing, but I like it when the products are good. Why? Because if the products are good, then they don’t have to change for profit margins and other bad corporate standards to win in the marketplace. And that’s why I like Beautycounter. They are devoted to healthier makeup, skincare and bath products for truly healthier bodies.

I bought the LIP SHEER in ROSE to try first, because — let’s be honest — we all lick our lips when we have product on, which means we’re ingesting whatever chemicals are in these products. You’ll be happy to know that the lip sheer is toxin-free, and the ingredients list is short and easily-pronounced.

In fact, I already have two other Beautycounter products on my Christmas list this year. Here’s to hoping I’m on the Nice List! ;)

You can order your lip sheer or another clean make-up product from my friend, Melissa, through this link: www.beautycounter.com/melissascroggin

Package Free Shop

Founded by Lauren Singer in New York City, this online shop will help educate and equip you to go from Extra-Waste to Zero-Waste in no time. I’m working on this transition myself, and I’ve started small. Last year, I was drinking a disposable plastic water bottle everyday — sometimes two a day — and a using a disposable coffee cup almost every day. But I learned that plastic, once it’s created, doesn’t ever go away. So my children and their children and their children will still be dealing with my trash. Yikes!

Image from Package Free Shop: Zero Waste Starter Kit

Image from Package Free Shop: Zero Waste Starter Kit

Check out Package Free online for information on their blog and reusable, natural products to purchase (with no shipping waste, of course!). They even have a “Gift Guide” section in their shop with $10 and $20 presents: www.packagefreeshop.com


She Reads Truth
”Women in the Word of God every day”

I absolutely love She Reads Truth (SRT), because they give me a plan for my daily Bible reading. SRT is a female-run business, founded by Raechel and Amanda out of Nashville. Their reading plans have helped me become consistent in reading The Word every day. And now, I’ve turned my hubby on to He Reads Truth (HRT)! What’s awesome is that the SRT & HRT reading plans cover the same Bible passages each day, so after each spouse has read individually, you can discuss together what God is teaching you! It’s awesome for individuals, and great for couples!

I buy the Lent & Advent books each year, because I like to doodle and journal. And Russell & I read on our SRT/HRT apps every day for a mere $1.99/month. That’s less than a cup of coffee. I recently picked up a few other studies for us, which we’re reading through.

You can buy a reading plan as a gift & select the topic/book of the Bible, which I think is the sweetest and most thoughtful gift. Check out their website here to find a plan: www.shereadstruth.com

Val Marie Paper
“where prayer meets practical”

Val Marie.jpg

Y’all already know that prayer journaling is MY JAM! Well, Val Woerner creates the most beautiful, intentional, effective prayer journals I’ve ever laid eyes on. If you really want to get serious about prayer journaling every day, then you need a plan. And her prayer journals are planned really well for us to consistently use. Also, her book is great!

Check out Val’s shop here: www.valmariepaper.com



Whenever I do Insta-stories with this necklace on, I get asked about it more than the actual words coming out of my mouth! :P What I like about Lovishly is this:

  • Lovishly is a WBE, created by Sherry Lopez

  • Each product supports a different charity

  • Each piece is hand-designed by the Lopez family and is great quality! I’ve had mine for over a year, and I gifted a few pieces last year.


My necklace helps provide services to people affected by homelessness in New Mexico, hence the design.

Add these pretty pieces under your tree by ordering here: www.lovishly.com

Bourbon & Boweties
“Made by proud Southern hands”

No joke. One time I saw Carly Ochs (the owner) at one of her Nordstrom Trunk Shows, and I forgot how to speak. Russell was pushing me to say hello, but I froze. She’s the epitome of entrepreneurial-hearted, starting from scratch and creating an empire. As she’s grown her business, she continues to employ women in the Tampa area to handcraft each bracelet. I’ve been wearing B&B for years, and I love how versatile the pieces are. Dress up a tee & jeans, or glam up an evening outfit. Either way, these are statement pieces built to last.

I’m known for my stacks on stacks — bracelets, of course. And it’s more than likely that I’m wearing a B&B stack on any given day. (Photos by Isabella Costello.)

Order your stacks (& support female entrepreneurship!!) here: www.bourbonandboweties.com

-> Russell, the Danae stretchy stack sure is pretty…

Kendra Scott

What I love about this brand is that Kendra is still at the helm of design and she and her company practice giving back in a very real way. That’s the power of female-run businesses — women using their instinctive compassion to change the world.

I adore these pair of earrings, and after owning them for two years, I can say they’re the best quality earrings I own.

kendra scott.jpg

You can order your jewelry presents and custom designs here: www.kendrascott.com


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With love,

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