Become A Better Learner (Part 3): Want a better job? Learn these skills and increase your marketability

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It’s been such a fun ride, writing this series on Becoming a Better Learner! So far, we’ve covered:

Why we forget important information

and Remembering what you read

To conclude, I thought it pertinent to talk about transferable skills in the workplace.

If you’re part of the large majority of the workforce looking to make a career move, then keep reading! These are the skills you can work on BEFORE you quit your job, even tonight at home. And bonus, as you look for a better job and increase your skill set, you’re already building momentum to change your life!

Want a better job? Learn these skills and increase your marketability

1. Communication

According to an article published by the job-hunting site, the very top skill needed to build a thriving career is communication.

“Both written and verbal communication skills are of utmost importance in the workplace because they set the tone for how people perceive you.”*

Daniel Bortz

If you’re wanting to improve your public speaking acumen, I recommend Toastmasters, the largest public speaking training organization world-wide. To top it off, it only costs about $120 per year. The real cost is doing it — taking the risk to your ego to work on it in a public setting.

I learned a little bit about my ego this past week at Toastmasters, which you may have read about on my recent Instagram post…

We always say, “Toastmasters is the perfect place to fail,” with the imperfect place being whilst leading a team meeting, speaking to 20 of your colleagues and forgetting how to breathe. Let’s avoid that, okay?

Visit to find a group near you.

2. Critical Thinking

There used to be a great need for workers without critical thinking skills. And then computers came along, and now long, mindless tasks can be completed faster than they’re delegated. Critical thinking skills are a necessity for future job potential.

According to Forbes, critical thinking is the ability to

“…suggest innovative solutions and ideas, solve complex problems using reasoning and logic and evaluate arguments.”**

Bernard Marr

The good — or GREAT — news is that it’s a skill, not a gift. You can learn and develop it like any other skill, with practice. Here’s a great article if you’re looking to develop critical thinking:

How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

3. Industry Knowledge

Whatever job, career, or industry you want to move to, you need to research:

  • A high-level overview of the industry — A full understanding will drive interesting conversation, leaving a strong impression on your (hopefully) future colleagues

  • The company culture — So you don’t make an inappropriate joke during the interview

  • The customer experience — You can provide fresh perspective to

The best source for specialized industry knowledge is usually YouTube! I’d link it, but that would be silly…

(Any Jane the Virgin fans?)

4. Tenacity

How many times have you seen a job requisition which lists requirements you know nothing about, and you just fibbed it through the interview? Same! There’s not a single job I was fully qualified for, but I was confident enough that I could learn whatever I needed to do to keep up.

Learning Excel spreadsheet tricks is one thing but having the tenacity to learn whatever comes your way is another.

Do you have the where-with-all to MAKE a project succeed, even when it takes more time and energy than you planned for? If you’re working on this skill, check out this book by the Queen Thought-Leader, Marie Forleo:


5. A Second Language

Did you know that English isn’t the top language in the world? There are more native Mandarin and Spanish speakers than native English speakers.*** If you want an invaluable skill, learn a new language. It only takes about 10 minutes per day!

I’m using a fantastic program called Babbel, which I highly recommend. I’m 2 months into learning French, and my honest opinion is that this program is fast, fun, and easy. You learn quickly, which gives you motivation to keep going. If you want to learn another language, use my reference code by clicking this link:

1 Free Month of Learning A New Language

If you’re ready, click the link above. I earn a small commission if you use my code, and I’d be thoroughly thrilled if you loved the program as much as I do. Merci!

You got this!

If you’re wanting to make a career shift, work on the skills you need for the job or career you want. At the very least, these skills will make you more marketable. At most, you’ll learn what you need to land your dream job!

Good luck!

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