The 5 Marriage Books You Absolutely Need


Photo by Benjamin Hewitt Photography.

Photo by Benjamin Hewitt Photography.

I wasn't destined for a happy marriage, but God changed my life.  Partly through people, but mostly through quiet meditation with a set of poignant marriage books — books I cried into, giggled at, and then allowed to change me.  God transformed me from my broken way of serial dating to having a happy, thriving marriage, and I hope the same for you.

If you’re single, but you feel God is going to lead you into marriage one day...

If you’re married, and things aren't quite as happily ever after as you expected...

If you’re divorced, but you hope to one day be married again...

I'm writing to you!

Now that that's settled, let dive into the *updated* list!


1. The Meaning of Marriage

Shortly after meeting my (now) husband, I realized he was “the one”.  And as any rational woman would do — I panicked.

What if he's an amazing husband, but I'm an awful wife?!

A happily married friend of mine strongly recommended this book for me. I ordered it via Amazon Prime, and the next day I DEVOURED IT.  It was life-giving, mind-changing, biblical truth on marriage with practical tips.  I learned that marriage is God-ordained to refine us to being more like Jesus. And that’s my life’s desire. If you want to learn how godly marriage works, read The Meaning of Marriage!

2. You and Me Forever

Francis + Lisa Chan have been happily married for 2 decades, and they’ve led churches for just as long. They wisely pose the question: What if marriage was designed by God to help us become the Heaven-dwellers that we will be forever and ever?  There's so much more to marriage than romantic dates and guiltless sex.  It's a daily challenge to speak love daily, forgive quickly, and live selflessly.  If we rise to this challenge and spend our lives getting better at simply loving our best friend — what beautiful people we’ll become in the process!

If you want to know how to cultivate that marriage mentality, read Marriage In Light of Eternity.

3. The 5 Love Languages

Every married couple should read this book, because you’re probably trying to love each other, but you're speaking different (love) languages. My husband's love language is physical touch, whereas mine is quality time.  So while he's trying to quietly snuggle, I'm talking his head off!

Let this book guide you to speaking your partner’s love language — so when you say "I love you", he actually hears "I love you".

4. Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot

Sex is It's totally fine to be curious, and I think it would be super weird not to be.  But the "churchy" response to infatuation with sex has been silence, fearful thinking, and to take the freaking fun out of the thing God created for husbands and wives to become one (see Mark 10:8).  No wonder Christians are looking outside of Christianity for some answers!

The trust is that SEX IS GOOD!  Open up this book and let's debunk all the lies about sex.  Let's reclaim our sexuality in the way God created it: to be enjoyed!

5. Swipe Right

The one thing about sex that I wish I would have known when I was younger is that saving sex for your marriage is the way you learn sexual self-control, which is even more vital to practice when you're married than when you're unmarried.  How many marriages are ruined by affairs, pornography, masturbation, prostitution, etc.?

I loved Levi’s approach that following Jesus brings freedom, even to our sexual lives.  I gained a sense of belonging to God that I needed, and from that place of belonging, my sexual life has become pure again.

If you're sexually wrecked, you’re neither alone nor abnormal.  If you want to change and reclaim your sexual self-control, read this book.

Photo by Benjamin Hewitt Photography.

God used these books to change my life from a broken-hearted, selfishly living, sexually wrecked girl to a godly wife thriving in a loving, happy marriage that's better than she ever imagined.

I hope the same for you. No matter where you are or have far from goodness you've wandered, God is out searching for you (see Luke 15:20). He wants to find you — all of you, even the parts you don't like — and He wants to restore your life back to goodness.

With love,

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