Resources for Christian Feminists


I’ve been on a journey these past 3 years to learn, or re-learn rather, God’s heart for women.

If you observe Christian marriage dynamics and church roles, you might think God designed women to be second class to men. The whole “separate but equal argument" still invades our thinking in both racism and sexism.

I thought the same, until I started listening to sources who seem to have an enlightened point of view of who God is, His grand design for women & men, and His purpose for marriage.

On a later post, I’ll deconstruct some of those ideas, but for now here are some resources if you, too, are on this thought journey of rediscovering God’s heart for women:

Sarah Bessey’s book: Jesus Feminist


Carolyn Custis James’ book: Half The Church


Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In


The Bible for Normal People Podcast:
Womanist Midrash with Dr. Wil Gafney

If you have recommendations on other resources for Christian feminists, will you leave them in the comments? I’m constantly looking to understand more, and I’m sure it will be helpful to everyone else who reads this. Thanks!

With love & hope for a better future,

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Cover photo by Isabella Costello.