Practical Ways to Become a Better Leader


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Leadership + God

The very first verse in the Bible reads:

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

This strikes me, because God didn't phone a friend, consult a mentor, or read a book on how to create.  He didn't drum up an Insta poll asking what other people wanted Him to create.  He simply did it.  There was nobody for Him to consult for approval or advice.  He is the root of all things good and perfect.  So when He decides to do something, He just does it.

What we should realize from this is that God is the source of all goodness.  All good decisions come from His mind.

Leadership + You

You aren't God, and neither am I.  PRAISE THE LORD!  When we decide to do something, we should always first seek God as the source of goodness.

I'm a firm believer that leadership begins in your relationship with God.  It begins by yielding your mood, feelings, ambition and the direction of your life -- everything! -- to the Lord.

(That's the meaning of the name "Lord".  He rules your life.  Which is why the Bible says in James 2:19 that even demons call Him "God", but He isn't "Lord" over their lives.  Do you acknowledge Him as God but not LORD of your life?)

Once you've fully surrendered the leading of your life to God, you have to begin leading yourself.  You.  In the mirror.  Nobody else.  Despite any circumstance.  You lead the cross.  To God.  To truth.

AFTER seeking God, THEN we seek godly counsel.  So many times, we want external approval or acknowledgement before we take any action.  But that's all whack.  God wants such a close relationship with you that you run to Him for approval, not letting anyone else have that #1 influencer spot.

The first commandment of the 10 is:

I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of [every sin you were in before], out of the house of slavery.
You shall have no other gods before me.

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NO other gods...not popularity, not people pleasing syndrome, not social media likes and "friends", not real friends, and not even your spouse!!! No other gods before THE God.  Nobody else gets to tell you the best decisions to make, because God does.  So when God tells you to build an ark, and everyone laughs at build the ark.  When God tells you to lead an entire nation out of slavery, you lead them.  When God tells you to lead evil Ninevah to repentance, you go to Ninevah.

People don't have to agree with youYou have to agree with God.  That's it.

Leadership begins with the woman staring back at you in the mirror.

Leadership + Your Circle

Once you've surrendered the title of "Lord" to THE Lord, you're in a good, solid place to begin leading other people in your life.

A lack of self-leadership is why people in leadership positions are so often caught with their pants down...literally and metaphorically! :P  They try leading others and build up a big reputation before they correctly lead themselves.  That's sucky.  A lot of people get hurt when that happens.  So get the order right, and lead well.

Good, now that we've resolved that...

Do you know how much influence you have onthe people around you? Do you know how greatly your social media influences people?  Do you know how deeply your texts affect people?  You have massive influence, even without a title, so let's figure out how we can lead well right where we are.

Practical ways to lead well today

  1. Ask yourself: What actions will I take today to become the person I dream of being? Do you want to be thoughtful? Go bring coffee to someone. Do you want to be patient? Drive to work in the slow lane. Take a practical step today.

  2. Speak words of kindness that affirm each person's identity and purpose: loved by God, child of God, crafted by God to magnify His glory on earth and in Heaven, endowed with divine purpose.

  3. Refrain from getting offended...and letting people know how offended you are. (This is one of my 2018 goals HAHA!) How many leadership opportunities have I dethroned myself from because my bad attitude? Like a million...but I'm moving forward, learning from my mistakes, and surrendering these bad habits to the Lord.

  4. Use social media FOR GOOD. Since I'm a SM user as well, let me tell you the best and worst ways I've seen it used this past week. Worst: Posting pictures that are screaming for any ole bro to give you any kind of attention. Girl, know your worth!! Your soul is worth more than your body. Then there's the BEST: There's a watercolor artist I discovered on Insta who is phenomenally talented. Her paintings are exquisite, and unique, and they point to the greatness of her creator. The point is to lead your life in the way you want to see the world change. If you don't want social media to be a comparison game, post things that are authentic: the victories and the trials. If you don't want it to be so trashy, post wholesome material. (That sounds like I'm 80, but really...) Lead the wave of change you that want the world to follow.

How Can I Lead Well?

Go try the practical ways to lead well I listed above.  Brainstorm other ways that you can add to this list & leave a comment.

And if you can relate to my struggle with  other people leading me toward their goals, and away from my own...or if you simply struggle with saying the word "no"...I want you to buy the book I linked above “The Best Yes”.  This book has changed my life since I read it in April!  I think about My Best Yes almost every single day.

And in all your leading, let the Lord lead you first!

With love,


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