Introducing my new brand design and website!

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I’m thoroughly thrilled right now as I get to introduce you to something we’ve been working on for months!

Even after 6 years of blogging, my brand design was practically non-existent. I pieced together what I could, but I’m through and through a black-and-white, literary word nerd. You can imagine how well that worked out…

Along came Macey Miller, my friend and owner of Be Bold Design Studio.

I started talking with her about my brand in the spring, and I’ve since realized I should have done this a lot sooner.

What I thought branding was

I thought branding was fluff — the cutesie stuff that includes photos, fonts, and colors. I thought it was only necessary after I became “successful”.

What branding actually is

Branding is the feeling you get before I speak a word, while I’m speaking, and after you’ve forgotten most of what I said. Research shows that you forget 70% of what you read within 24 hours. As a writer, that’s killer!

At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did they will remember how you made them feel quote by Maya Angelou | Tools for building loving Christian relationships | Cultivating godly perspective on faith, love, and work |

Branding is all about unspoken communication, and I’m captivated by how it works now. I learned so much from Macey through this process, and let me just say if you’re looking to brand your business, go to Macey.

The process provided poignant questions which made me dip deep to answer…

  • What do I do?

  • Who’s my target audience?

  • What do I want you to feel?

What do I do?

I help women cultivate godly perspective on faith, love, and work so they can take steps of faith toward their God-given dreams.

Who’s my target

My readers are Christian women who are growing their faith in God.

Women who know, love, and follow God — the God they’ve come to know, not what they’ve been told about Him. Women who long to see Him more fully so they can let go of fear and take the faith risks for the life they’ve always dreamt of. Women who hear His voice directing their faith, love, and work. Women who are willing to change, because they want to become who God’s created them to be. Lastly, women who like to read…obviously.

What do I want you to feel?

  1. You can grow your faith in the season of life you’re in. I don’t want you to fear making the wrong move or to doubt whether God is speaking to you. Even if He speaks differently to you than to me – spoiler alert: He does – I want you to know how to follow YOUR unique path faithfully.

  2. You may not have arrived yet, but you’re on your way. Your daily faith steps to trust God, wait, rest, take action, repent, &/or believe God’s promises are the keys to following God and fulfilling His great, big plans for you.

  3. You can be authentic, even in all the dichotomies of real life. Strengths & weaknesses, trials & victories, kind & fierce, living in grace & doing the work, beauty & the beast (i.e. my grunge days…).

If you’re here for that, welcome! You’re going to enjoy where we’re headed.

With love,

Priska Jordan Initials-01 - shrunk.png

Check out some more of my brand elements beautifully crafted by Macey at Be Bold Design Studio.