Leadership Lessons from Granny


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Over the last year, I've backed out of every official leadership role I had and strangely enough, I feel like I'm finally living the life I want to lead! Just in the last few months when I didn't have the "leader" label, I've realized that informal leadership opportunities arise everyday that can bring me closer to the life I want.

I've never felt so free to live in my unique calling.

Leadership + Eternal Influence

Lastly, I'll leave you with something to dream about tonight.  The leadership you're able to create because of your time spent before the Lord will have an impact so great, you couldn't possibly imagine.

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This past weekend, my husband and I visited his great grandmother, lovingly named Granny.  It was my first time to meet her, and I was anxious to look a legend in the eyes.  Based on the family she's raised, I assumed she would be marvelous, maybe intimidating, and certainly loquacious.

After driving all morning, I walked in to meet a 5 foot-nothing, couldn't have been 100 pounds, little white-haired lady with a curly perm.  THIS was great granny.  How could the huge, loving family I know come from this little lady?!  Personal. Leadership.  Leading her personal life in ways that would make government officials shake in their boots.  She set standards for herself and her family that echo into my daily life today...someone she only just met, who is 65 years her junior.

Granny's Influence

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My home is peaceful for several reasons.  Firstly, my husband and I prioritize our personal relationships with the Lord.  We work hard to forgive each other quickly.  We don't entertain drama (and dramatic people).  We don't talk trash about people.  We talk up people's good qualities.  These things lead to a peaceful home.And do you know where my husband learned to do these things?  At Papa + Grandma's house during his elementary school days.  Granny is Grandma's mother, who set the tone for Grandma's life.  Over the weekend, I remember hearing mention of an incident from the past that was bad for the family.  Instead of talking about it, getting all up-in-arms again, and pointing out who did the wrong, Grandma said, "Now, we just won't talk about that."  And we quickly moved on to a pleasant conversation.

Admittedly, I'm the first person to call out a boneheaded move, but I've been working on refraining.  Being around people who don't let ugly words escalate has helped tremendously.  I know if I start talking about all the drama of my day, my husband is going to be disinterested.  But if I talk about something good that happened, he's going to listen.  So in a way, his training from his childhood has been training me to speak well.

Do you get it?  Your influence in leadership extends far past what you can see.  The decisions you're making today will affect the home your children are raised in, which will affect how they raise their children, which will affect the daughter-in-law of your step-granddaughter!  LOL!  I can't even make this stuff up.

Your choices have long-term impact, both in 3 generations from now and into eternity.  So choose to lead well.

And in all your leading, let the Lord lead you first!

With love,


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