God, The Divine Director


It is PHENOMENAL the way God orchestrates our lives! Multiple years ago, when God told me to move to St. Pete, I happily obeyed.  My life in my hometown had plateaued at the ripe old age of 21.  I didn't have a desirable future there, and my impression of St. Pete was that it was a never-ending vacation.  But soon after the adrenaline of the move wore off, I realized I was still alone...and very lonely.  I didn't know a soul, and I greatly desired to have good, godly friendships.  More than a year of fervent "unanswered" prayers passed, and God saw it was time.  The Tripod of Megan, Amber and Priska was formed.


Today, my dear friend Megan is celebrating her 1-year anniversary to her wonderful husband, Cameron.  And today, one year after Megan+Cameron's beautiful wedding, Amber is engaged to her wonderful fiancé, Bryan!  And it's a THRILL to announce that I am engaged to the wonderful Russell Jordan!!! #swoonswoon


There were many difficult times in the last few years that people questioned my faith and my God.  But I held firm to my convictions; I didn't settle for fleeting friends.  Those people who questioned me tried to convince me that my life was a set of coincidences, with no supreme being who created and orchestrates it all.  Today, those same people are still wallowing in an ocean of doubt and disbelief.  I pray for you, but I've seen too much to be faithless. God is too amazing to ignore!

God is the PERFECT director of your life, if only you will let Him.

Let's also note the theme that my life mirrored my friends' lives.  Though Amber lives a thousand miles away now, the Tripod is very active in each other's lives, not the least being in prayer for each other.  Because of the distance between Amber+Bryan and Russell+me, we haven't even had the privilege of meeting Bryan yet.  Russell and Bryan had no idea that they would ask their respective girlfriends for their hands in marriage on the same weekend!  This was of no coincidence!  And since Megan+Cameron have yet to meet Bryan, I highly doubt Bryan timed his proposal to exactly one year after Megan+Cameron's wedding.  Don't dare call it coincidence!  God uses your closest RELATIONSHIPS to bring you along this journey of life together.  In my moments of weakness, Megan & Amber have been the light and love of God to me.  And by their leaning on me, too, I have been greatly encouraged in my purpose in life.

Y'all, I know I usually say way too much, so I hope you will forgive the brevity of this post.  I am overwhelmed with emotion right now!!!  Not only has my happiness peaked by this weekend's events, but my joy has been made complete.  What some may dismissively call coincidence, I know to be the divine working of The Only True God.  The Lord is alive and working in the lives of His children.  Let Him love you; let Him lead you.  Your happiness+joy will be whole.

With love, PriskaTabitha