Clarifying my mission


This is an excerpt from my first journal entry upon returning from a 2-week vacation in Europe.  It's amazing how much clarity can be found in stepping away from everyday life.  It wasn't necessarily Europe itself that produced this clarity, but it was a by-product getting away.  This clarifying process began years ago, but was really heightened last year on the day I quit my job and had to ask, "Well, God, what now?"  I'm sharing this with you in hopes that you'll be encouraged to define your specific calling, as daunting as that calling may be.  Afterall, won't He do it?

May 14, 2018

Jesus, Jesus! (listening to Mosaic's "Tremble")

These past couple of weeks have been so rejuvenating.  I'm a different person than before I left:  more evolved, clear-minded, an open heart ready for your direction.  Give me the message You've designed me to deliver, and I'll run with it, Lord.   My life is Yours, all Yours.

Before I left, I was drowning in myself and the world around me, but You saved me.  You showed me a new way of life, one where I rest and wait and trust.  I need to keep this balance in life.  I am not a writer first and foremost.  I am firstly a daughter of God.  His love is first and foremost the foundation of everything.

His love is before:

  • my identity

  • my dreams

  • my gifts

  • my fulfillment

  • my mood

  • my writing + vocation

  • my desires

His love must be the foundation.

Professionally though, I am a writer.I am not foremost a blogger, though I currently write on a blog.  I am not an influencer.  I am not a photographer.  I am a writer.  Keep first things first.

I've been trying different things -- which is good; it's an act of faith to just try -- but I've allowed things to take priority that shouldn't.  Activities, ideas, ideologies, strategies.  At the end of the day, I may have accomplished much, but to what avail?  These activities have to yield to the specific, unique will of the Lord for me.

What ideas has God ordained me to know and to teach:

  • A balanced understanding of Him. "In faithfulness, You have afflicted me." It's not all rainbows and lollipops with the Lord, and it's time the fullness of who He is is praised.

  • Each person is uniquely gifted + masterfully crafted + divinely purposed

  • Maturity: Growing your gifts to fill the void God designed you for. But it's up to each person whether they take on that challenge and live in Heaven on earth.

  • Social causes: women's empowerment (in leadership + education; we are so much more than sexy bodies!!), racial reconciliation/bridging the racial divide, adopting orphans

  • Faith amidst fear, specifically taking external actions that reflect inner faith.

  • Godly marriage

I write about 3 things:

  1. Thriving in faith (actions)

  2. Thriving in love (within godly marriage)

  3. Thriving in work (unique, specific calling)

I'm passionate, gifted, and experienced with those 3 things.  So keep pushing forward in writing what God has told me to, and don't waste brain space on the distractions.

What about you?  What's your specific purpose?  If you don't know where to begin, just begin jotting down what you do know.  I'll help start you off:

I, (say your name), was created to bring glory to God.

Now it's your turn.  Keep going!

With love,

signed Priska Jordan white bkgd.jpg