Call us to light, Lord



Call us to light, Lord.

This is my prayer for 2018.

Call us to light.

The darkest corners of our hearts, the ugliest parts of our souls — let’s name them.

Don’t act like you don’t have any; we all have dark corners.

Jesus doesn’t need you to hide the dark areas. He can brighten every part of you.

So what are your dark corners? What places of your personality, character flaws, attitudes do you wish didn’t exist? You can ignore them, but has ignoring those traits helped any?

Listen. Jesus isn’t scared about the light being overcome by the darkness. He wants to go after the darkness. Leaving the 99% of your heart that is full of light to find the 1% of your heart that is dark. It's what He does.

So call us to light, Lord.

Call the dark corners of our hearts to light. The addictions, depression, bad attitudes, divisiveness, jealousy, gossip, laziness, rage... Call it all to light.

Only in light does darkness dissipate. Not in a dark, closed closet. Only in light.

Call me to light, Lord. May all of me be brought into Your glorious light.

I surrender.

With love,