Accept people

This blog is for the Church, my family.  I have been wrestling with these questions in my mind for a while and want to hear what my God family thinks.  Do me a favor and comment with your thoughts. What if our perspective is so distorted by religion that we don't even know what is the heartbeat of the Father?  What if God loves, REALLY LOVES, the world --the ugly, sinful world-- so much that He allowed His only son to be slaughtered to bring life to the ugly, sinful world?  We, the Church, have the perspective that God loves us because we accept His Lordship, but all the love of the Father existed long before we ever became the Church or decided we accept Him.  We need to see the world with the love of the Father:  unconditional love not predicated on our acceptance of Him, obedience, holiness or anything else.  God so loved the world, and His love doesn't require people to change before He loves.  His love was, is, and forever will be.  The moral of the story is:  We, as Christ-followers, should be breathing the love of the Father into our beings and out to those around us.  I truly believe God would be honored if His children had the reputation of loving people whether or not they accept Him.

Accept people.

With love, PriskaTabitha