A Prayer for 2016

To begin the new year, I have been praying for spiritual awakening and renewal for myself and for my friends, family, and community.  If you are a friend of mine, be forewarned that when you ask me to pray for you, I pray specifically that God be glorified in Your life through the fulfillment of His will.  If you ask me to pray for specific events to happen or for you to win the lottery, you get this prayer included for free.  You can thank me later ;) So here I was praying for my friends to experience spiritual renewal.  It was all fun & games until I was lead by the Spirit to pray an intimidating, scary prayer.  I was led to pray that God would do whatever it takes to draw each person into close relationship with Him. I was hesitant and intimidated to pray this, but I know it is God's will for us.  Sometimes I would rather receive prayers for the perfect job, perfect spouse, and perfect house, but Matthew 6 makes it clear how we should prioritize the stuff in life:

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." -Matthew 6:33

The Lord's will is for us to be in beautifully raw, uninhibited communion with Him.  So this is my prayer for you (and myself) this year:

Father, may you take the person reading this and do whatever it takes to draw him/her closer to you.  Teach us to rely on You daily.  Train us to be about Your work.  Thank you for Your perfect love which commands the sun to be faithful to rise every day.

With love, Your daughter

With love, PriskaTabitha