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I used to work in the corporate world, and now I work for myself. A big change that’s taken place is the lack of feedback I receive from a boss. I don’t have one. People say I’m my own boss, but I always say God is my boss.

As much as my Enneagram 8 self would love it, I don’t get an evaluation form from Him.

The way I remedy the lack of feedback is by setting annual work goals, creating a plan, and restrategizing quarterly. I wish I could reach through the computer and explain to you how much I LOVE PLANNING, but the plenthra of blog posts I’ve written about it should convey that message. I love to plan! I just don’t love to execute the plan, but what’s the point of having a map if you wander around lost without it?

Since we’re halfway through the year, I’m restrategizing. My main two goals this year are about creating better blogs and growing my audience.

Here are the areas I need to change to make progress:

  1. Working without a plan

  2. Holding back free, helpful info

  3. Posting too much, marketing too little

Working without a plan

Any success I’ve had thus far — my high performance blog posts, for example — have been random, which means I haven’t made repeatable progress. I’ve simply gotten lucky. Right now, my content production looks like throwing darts in the dark. One is bound to land, but it’s not a calculated effort, so I don’t know what I’m doing right, and I don’t know how to build on that progress.

In the famous words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


  • Update my 2019 blog content calendar (plan) and stick to it.

  • Produce a few blog posts around one focused topic each month.

Holding back free, helpful info

This is a word from the Lord, truly. It’s something I’ve felt Him saying to me these past few months, and because I haven’t solidified this change by writing it down, I’ve been inconsistent with changing. I feel God saying to me:

Priska, you can’t give away too much free, helpful information! Give more!

I have this subconscious fear that if I give away too much valuable information through my social channels, then they won’t feel the need to read the blog post. But I’ve seen the opposite is true. First, the more useful info I give on social posts, the more likely that follower will click the post to read more. Secondly, high value social posts lead to more meaningful comments, which converts to more people who see my social posts, which converts to more blog readers.


  • Create social posts based on the best info in my blog posts. Never ask them to click the link in my bio without first telling them what they will learn.

  • Give a compelling stat about the topic, such as according to GrowthBadger.com, “Quality of content is rated the #1 most important success factor among all bloggers.”

  • In 1 month, analyze if this change has helped and decide how to proceed.

Posting too much, marketing too little

Funny story. I was once employed as a marketer and now I don’t like marketing. The end. Actually, that’s not funny…

Honestly, I’m an amateur at marketing. It takes me a lot of work to figure out how to position blog posts, and I don’t do a great job usually. So I quit. And then I go back to marketing when my readership plummets. I try again, I suck, and I quit again. It’s an ugly cycle. I need to just bite the bullet and realize that I have to keep working at it — modifying my plan week after week — if I’m going to improve. It’s a skill, not a divine gift.

Instead, I spend more time writing blog posts, and some of them get very few reads. But I’m good at writing and I like it! So of course, it’s a temptation to ignore the things I need to improve and only do what I’m already good at.


  • Use my weekly Education Day to learn how to market.

  • Before I publish a blog post, figure out how to market it. Is the title good? What graphics can I add? What social media posts can I make to help market it?

I didn’t just write this post for me. This evaluating & re-strategizing is a regular practice, but I wanted to share it for those of us in the self-employed world who may be struggling to self-evaluate. Here were my 3 points and what you can take away from them:

  1. Working without a plan

    Do you have written goals AND a plan? Are you working within your plan?

  2. Holding back free, helpful info

    Are you giving your customers, clients, or readers plenty of free, helpful info?

  3. Posting too much, marketing too little

    Is there an area of your business that's suffering but you’ve been ignoring?

Wishing you all the best success through the second half of 2019!

With love,

signed Priska Jordan white bkgd.jpg

Cover photo by Isabella Costello Photography.